Study Images

The following pages provide the study images for your class on Ancient to Medieval Art and Archaeology.

Use these images to study and review the most important components of each section of the course. The information provided here is intentionally sparse. They are intended to be study aids, not your only source of information. Combine these images with what we TALKED about in CLASS with what you READ about in your assigned READINGS.

You will be expected to know the following:

  • The name or title of the object. (What is it?)

  • The correct historical and cultural context that produced it. (What does it date to? Where was it made? Who made it? - e.g., 1st century A.D., Pompeii, Roman)

  • What is the historical and cultural significance? (How does it help us understand the history associated with it?)

Module 2: The Ancient Near East and Egypt

Module 3: Ancient Egypt

Module 4: Ancient Greece

Module 5: Ancient Rome

Module 6: The End of Antiquity