Chapter 4D. Single Combat (and other encounters)

IV-6 Herakles and the Nemean Lion

Herakles fights the Nemean Lion in the presence of Athena and a young man holding a lance

Attic table amphora: Psiax Painter, 530-515 BC

IV-7 Stuggle for Tripod

Detail of amphora attributed to the Andokides Painter (530-520) showing the struggle for the tripod. Athena, wearing the aegis and holding a spear and shield. "Red Figure"--that is, figures left the color of the surface of the pot when glossy black paint is applied around them.

Attic Table Amphora: Andokides Painter, 530-515 BC

IV-8 Metopes from Temple C, Selinus, Sicily, mid-6th century BC

Helios and horses

Perseus and Medusa

Herakles and the Kekropes

IV-9 Europa and the Bull

A woman rides on the back of a bull. Her left hand grasps one of the bull's horns, and her right hand rests on his flank. Under his front feet two large fish are leaping.

Detail of fish leaping beneath bull's feet.

IV-10 Labors of Herakles, Temple of Zeus at Olympia, ca. 470 BC

Above: Stymphalian Birds

Above: Cretan Bull

Above: Apples of the Hesperides

Above: Augean Stables

Compare versions of the Apples of the Hesperides

Roman fresco, 1st century AD

Pompeii, House of the Priest Amandus

(See also Chapter 7)

In this version, Herakles retrieves the Apples himself. He is depicted with all his familiar attributes, but stands passive in front of the Hesperides. The serpent who is meant to guard the apples coils up a column-drum altar, posing no threat at all.

Persons and Events of interest:

  • Athena

  • Europa

  • Herakles

  • Hermes

  • Perseus

  • Medusa

  • Zeus

  • Apples of the Hesperides

  • Bull

  • Horses of the Sun

  • Labors

  • Monster Killing

  • Rape

Objects and Places:

  • Olympia

  • Temple decoration

  • Metopes

  • Selinus

Texts and Authors:

  • Apollodorus

  • Homer

  • Ovid