IX-D. Moralizing Texts

IX-9 Temptations of Odysseus (Ulysses)

Herrad of Landsberg, 12th century AD

Reproductions of a lost manuscript called the Hortus deliciarum, an illuminated encyclopedia. Reproductions based on tracings made in the early 19th century before the manuscript was destroyed by fire in 1870.

The Sirens (temptation) Making Music

Sirens (temptation) attacking Ulysses and his men

Sirens (temptation) defeated

IX-10 Ovide Moralisé: Apollo and the Muses

Late 14th-early 15th century AD

Apollo sits on a rock playing a harp. A spring flows from the rock to form a stream. The Muses bath in the stream. Nine magpies perch in trees, referencing the Pierides, nine sisters who challenged the muses to a singing competition and were turned into birds when defeated. An example of hubris.

IX-11 Ovide Moralisé: Europa riding the bull

14th century miniature illustration accompanying the story of the Rape of Europa in a copy of the Ovide Moralisé.